We were wondering why we've never seen the Governator prowling the streets of San Francisco looking for "Special Interests" to eliminate, Commando-style. At first we thought it was because hardly anyone here voted for the guy. Turns out it's because his Hummer H2 would be illegal on most of San Francisco's streets! Read the Slate article gleaned from Defamer.

San Francisco is a crappy city for cars. We are notorious for having the worst parking outside of Hong Kong. Combine that with high insurance premiums, a green ethic and decent public transportation and you've got a great recipe for pedestrian living. You don't even need a car to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. SFist can totally see buying a Mini Cooper (ooh, we want one soooo bad) or joing City CarShare (an Esseff first, by the way). But an SUV? What kind of idiot would want to try parallel parking one of those behemoths around here?

We here at SFist want to see you call out any wayward SUV owners you see on residential streets. Take down their license, report them to the cops, get them a fine. They should certainly be able to afford it - purchasing a three-ton truck gets you a $125,000 state and federal tax break! And Arnie, if you ever come to town, how about supporting the environmentally sound and healthy option of bicycling by participating in a Critical Mass ride.