A 60-year-old Oakland man is now facing hate-crime charges for criminal threats and vulgar statements he made to a gay couple who are his neighbors, and there is video showing him threatening to kill them if they didn't move within two weeks.

Oakland police arrested Kevin Bryan Davis on misdemeanor hate-crime charges, stemming from a recent tirade that was caught on video, delivered from the street outside his home.

As can be heard in the video below, Davis was screaming "Are you home you f***ing f*****s" and "I need you to move."

He added, "If you don't move in two weeks I'm going to kill your ass."

The video was recorded by a different neighbor, who like the victims wished to remain anonymous. That neighbor tells KTVU "this isn't the first time he's done something like this," calling the tirade "appalling."

As KTVU reports, Davis has since made bail, and it's unclear if any further charges will be filed.

One of the victims tells KTVU, "There should be knowledge built around all these hate crimes, to point out the amount of people that are affected by it. It's something that should be shown."

The victim added, "I just feel like even in this time and age, people should be more accepting. This isn't the first time with this same guy. The first time he vandalized our property. He threw flower pots, and this time he threatened to kill us if we didn't move."

The couple, and Davis, live in the Eastmont Hills neighborhood, and it's not clear whether this was the first time that such an attack was reported to police by these victims.