Fairfield police arrested 11 people after an anti-war protest in the North Bay on Friday morning.

The protesters were trying to block people from entering Travis Air Force Base, about three miles away from downtown Fairfield in Solano County, per the East Bay Times. A group of about 20 people reportedly stood in the middle of the road at the base’s main gate and hospital entrance in an attempt to block traffic at around 7 am.

According to Fairfield police on social media, officers had advance notice of the protest and arrived about five minutes later. They warned the group that they would be arrested for delaying traffic, and when the group didn’t comply, police arrested 11 people on suspicion of failure to obey an officer and delaying traffic. Those arrested were booked into the Solano County Jail.

Authorities say they also found junk furniture and debris, affixed with some anti-war signs, in front of Travis’ south gate, which the protesters brought there to block the alternate entry. There were also nail clusters on the road that could flatten car tires. Police shut down the road for about an hour to clean up the debris and nails.

Previously, 14 people were arrested after they protested against Travis Air Force Base’s role in sending military aid to Israel in late December 2023, according to KPIX. The group similarly tried to block the entrances to the base.

Image via Fairfield Police Department on Facebook.