Bay Area drivers should know that a scam has been going around involving fake websites posing as the FasTrak toll system trying to extract payments from people.

This is the second round of a scam that first started appearing in February, as the Chronicle reports Friday. Only this time, the scammy texts don't have as many spelling mistakes.

One of the texts reported on by the Chronicle refers to a "a $3.95 charge associated with your recent FasTrak Express Lanes activity."

"To avoid further penalties, settle the amount by March 23, 2024, via the link provided," the text says.

The link takes victims to a site (, which uses the FasTrak logo and purports to be the Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), which runs FasTrak and collects bridge tolls.

There is one oddity that should be a red flag, though — the dollar sign is misplaced.

The MTC has a fraud warning about these texts on its website, and this is the real page for replenishing FasTrak accounts.

"FasTrak will never contact customers by text," the MTC says.

"Please conduct your business only at or call our Customer Service Center at 877-BAY-TOLL (877-229-8655)."

The MTC is also encouraging anyone who was scammed by these scammers to call their credit card company and dispute any charges.

The new round of websites associated with this scam originate from both Hong Kong and Russia, as MTC spokesperson John Goodwin tells the Chronicle.

Photo by Noah Berger via