A huge win for self-identified bimbos everywhere, as the First District Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday that yes, one can legally change her name to “Candi Bimbo Doll.”

The SF-based transgender adult film and video personality Juliette Stray goes by the stage name “Juliette Stray” and her legal name is (or was) Samantha Wood. But we say her her legal name was Samantha Wood, because the Chronicle reports she has just won a legal battle to change her name to Candi Bimbo Doll, after a previous July 2023 ruling that said the word “bimbo” was too offensive to grant as a legal name.

“My bimbofication has been a yearslong journey and I still have many more years to go — it is an iterative process that will likely never be complete, because that's the nature of artificial perfection: there is always a higher peak to ascend to," Candi Bimbo Doll said in a release through her attorney Jim Reilly, published in the Bay Area Reporter. "This name change, however, is a step made with such rich and irrevocable clarity of purpose that for the first time in my life I can't imagine one that would go beyond it."

Mission Local had covered this story right after it was appealed to the First District Court of Appeal. Judge Gail Dekreon had ruled last July that “bimbo” was a “word or phrase deemed to be offensive,” citing the 1992 case Lee v. Ventura County Superior Court, wherein a man tried to legally change his name to “Misteri N*****.” In that case, the appeals court ruled that the n-word was “a racial epithet, i.e., a disparaging or abusive word which may be a ‘fighting word.’”

But in the unanimous 3-0 appeal ruling noted that the word “bimbo” had been approved for business permits and on state license plates, and did not meet the “fighting word” criteria.

“The Secretary of State has no issue with Bimbo," Justice James Richman wrote in the ruling, according to the Bay Area Reporter. "Nor does the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV instructions state that it will not issue a personalized license plate that has 'sexual connotation' or a 'vulgar term or a term of prejudice or hostility.' We understand the DMV has issued so many personalized license plates in the name of 'Bimbo,' 'Bimbo 1,' 'Bimbo 25' etc., that new requests are met with the statement that 'the license plate you selected is no longer available.'"

It seems the justices have a point. As Mission Local notes, there is a legal and licensed nightclub in town called Bimbo’s 365, and a well-known food and snack brand called Bimbo is sold all over California. But personally, I can’t see the words “Candi Bimbo Doll” without singing them in my head to the tune of the 2002 Who Da Funk dance hit “Shiny Disco Balls.”

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Image: Law Office of Jim Reilly