While there has been plenty of online grief pouring out about the eventual loss of Macy's in SF's Union Square, for some, the conversation quickly turned to "What is going to happen to the Cheesecake Factory?"

"Real ones know Macy’s was nothing more than the stairs to the Cheesecake Factory," said one fan of the top-floor chain restaurant that is regularly featured on diet "don't" lists.

"Can we have a ballot measure to prevent the Cheesecake Factory from closing at least[?]" said another.

While this might be partly in jest, people's love for the Cheesecake Factory and its endless menu and case full of recently frozen cheesecake is no joke. And while Macy's isn't going away anytime this year, the question remains how long this Cheesecake Factory location can survive if and when Macy's succeeds in selling the building.

Cheesecake Factory, for its part, has made no announcement of an intention to close — but obviously without Macy's there, and with the building changing hands, its days are likely numbered after this year.

The restaurant, with great views over Union Square, has been in that spot since 2000. And KTVU went out to talk to some fans as they exited the restaurant this week.

"Well I'm sorry to see Macy's go, but I think The Cheesecake Factory will survive," said Suzanne Hyle, speaking to the station.

"I love the view," said Emilia Recidoro to KTVU. "My grandchildren love to play around here, and we love the spaghetti, the salad. I hope it doesn't go. Please, please, people come and save the Cheesecake Factory."

Marisa Rodriguez from the merchants' and property owners' association known as the Union Square Alliance, tells the station that this is one of Cheesecake Factory's busiest locations nationwide. And she rings a note of optimism about Macy's — oddly — as well the Cheesecake Factory potentially staying put.

"I personally think there is a space for Macy's in and around that space, and certainly for the Cheesecake Factory," Rodriguez tells KTVU. "It is just one of those things that is so near and dear to our hearts, and really important to this concept of 'something for everyone'."

Macy's has said that it will be sticking around through 2024, and perhaps beyond, but the intention is to sell the enormous, nearly block-wide property that houses the store — and extends from Geary back to O'Farrell Street.

For those stalwart Cheesecake Factory fans, it may be some comfort to know that they won't have to drive all that far to get their fix, if the Union Square location closes. There are other Cheesecake Factory locations in San Mateo, Corte Madera, Walnut Creek, and Pleasanton.

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Top photo via Yelp