A man who appeared to be in the throes of a mental health crisis, perhaps brought on by the stresses of travel, was seen shrieking in the faces of ticket agents at the Frontier Airlines counter at SFO recently.

In a video posted Monday to Instagram by aflyguytravels, which we learned about via travel blog The Bulkhead Seat, the man can be heard screaming at the counter staff "That's fucking crazy!" before beginning to shriek loudly at them, and with no words.

SFPD officers ultimately intervene and detain the man, bringing him to the ground and cuffing him — during which time he apparently spits on their shoes?

The counter agents do remain remarkably calm through the incident — and perhaps they're accustomed to being yelled at. I'll refrain from any jokes at Frontier Airlines' expense.

It is not clear what the man was arrested for or if he was ultimately charged — and this seems more like a crisis in need of a counselor or medical professional, not a cop.

And as the original poster says, "Be Nice To Airline People, The[y] Put Up With A LOT!!!"

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