It's been a while since we had any update on the long-awaited, approved but still not open Trader Joe's at Fulton and Laguna streets. But there is movement happening inside the store space!

A Redditor caught the image below Thursday afternoon through one of the windows at 555 Fulton, and we can see, some signature Trader Joe's bare-wood furniture has been moved in, and some construction appears to be beginning.

Photo by acerio9/Reddit

The developer did promise, back in October, that the store was aiming for a spring opening, and it looks like it may indeed come true.

Hayes Valley, which has gained a multitude of new residents in the last decade, is sorely in need of a grocery store, and the neighborhood has been impatient for this opening.

Talk of this 555 Fulton store becoming a Trader Joe's dates back a full decade, to 2014. That was when, as the building was taking shape, neighbors began pushing for an exception to the neighborhood ban on formula retail, in order that they could get a chain grocery store — in particular a TJ's.

Fast-forward six years, and the building became one of multiple projects embroiled in the City Hall corruption/kickback scandal, but in 2019, the city did grant the formula retail exemption to Trader Joe's — and for five years the neighborhood has waited with bated breath for their new store.

It wasn't until last April, though, that the embattled Chinese developer who built the building was able to sell to a new owner, and the deal with TJ's could finally move forward.

We'll update you when we have a firm opening date for the store, but spring is just around the corner!

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