Didja feel it? A 3.4-magnitude earthquake shook San Francisco just after 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, and fortunately, no damage is being reported.

Yes indeed that was a small earthquake you may have felt at approximately 1:32 pm Friday afternoon. That sent many San Franciscans scrambling to Twitter to see if other people felt it too, and to the Twitter account SF QuakeBot to size up the magnitude of the tremor.

The initial report from  Quakebot says it was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake, though that’s just a preliminary assessment that may be updated.

According to an SF Fire Department tweet from 2 p.m., "We have not seen or received calls for any damage related to this recent earthquake preliminary reported off the coastline of #SF," and "The @NWSBayArea confirmed NO coastal surge issues are expected."

While the earthquake struck off the coast, about three miles west of the SF Zoo, there are reports the quake was felt as far away as Berkeley and Oakland. Though many in San Francisco say they didn't feel anything.

This quake came just hours after a slightly larger one, 4.9M, likely also on the San Andreas Fault, occurred further north below the Pacific, about 70 miles southwest of Eureka.

And this is a great reminder to make sure you’ve prepared a “go bag,” or earthquake preparedness kit, for if and when a bigger quake does indeed strike.

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Image: @LastQuake via Twitter