One local meteorologist is saying we are going to get "slammed" by the incoming storm on Wednesday morning, so don't let this balmy weather fool you. It is still very much winter.

Batten down the hatches, folks, and if you put your patio/deck furniture cushions outside this past weekend because it's been so nice out, pull those back inside. A pretty big storm is coming our way.

A fresh atmospheric river is bringing a fair walloping our way in the way of excessive rain, starting early Wednesday and extending into Thursday — but forecasters say the storm is pretty fast-moving, so rainfall and snowfall totals shouldn't be as extreme as some of last winter's storms.

Still, it's not a small storm, and some flooding could occur, both urban and otherwise.

"We are going to get slammed," says KRON4 Chief Meteorologist Lawrence Karnow. "It’s going to be back to winter conditions very, very quickly. This storm will be larger than the last one."

The storm is currently setting up offshore, and some rain should begin Tuesday night in the North Bay.

San Francisco is expected to get three inches of rain from this one — which is pretty significant, given our annual rainfall averages about 23 inches, so this will be one-seventh of a year's worth.

Meanwhile, the coastal mountain ranges could see four to six inches, and lower elevations in the North Bay could see three to four inches, per KRON4.

"Despite the high likelihood of heavy rainfall and slower movement at the onset, we are still seeing indicators that this will be a transient system which will gradually speed up as it passes through the Bay Area," says the National Weather Service.

For those with low-lying driveways and flood-prone yards, the San Francisco Department of Public Works is once again giving out sandbags today. Just head to the gate of their maintenance yard at Marin Street and Kansas Street, and SF residents can pick up 10 sandbags for free.

The New York Times notes today that forecasters are now talking about a second atmospheric river storm taking shape for Sunday and Monday. It's still up in the air what this next storm will bring, but it has the potential to be an even stronger event than tomorrow's storm, bringing huge snows to the mountains and significantly more rain to lower elevations.

Stay tuned for updates on that in the coming days.