Five people were shot in a mass shooting Thursday morning in the Tenderloin, and one of the five people died from their wounds with the others all suffering life-threatening wounds.

We're just now learning of a shooting that occurred just after 2:30 a.m. Thursday in which five people were shot, at the intersection of Turk and Hyde streets — next to the Turk and Hyde Mini Park.

This area is often busy with late-night drug activity, and according to a report on Xitter from neighborhood street chronicler JJ Smith, the shooter "sprayed an automatic weapon at the crowd," and Smith attributes this to "a war waging between the Hondurans," but none of those details have been confirmed by police.

The account Tenderloin Tube reported that 20 shots were heard.

We don't yet have details on the victims, but reporter Henry Lee tweeted that the four injured and hospitalized victims were three men and one woman.

The person killed was male, and as the Chronicle reports, he was pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital.

We'll update you if we learn more.

This is a developing story.

Photo via Citizen app