Police in Vallejo have arrested an alleged repeat offender who targeted the same store for repeated thefts, and his favorite things to steal, police say, were cases of Red Bull and bottles of vodka.

Investigators say they were called to the scene at the store on the 900 block of Admiral Callaghan Lane on October 15 — there is a Target store located on that block. This was apparently the 20th time that the "Red Bull Thief," as police dubbed him, had hit the store. His estimate total haul over those multiple incidents: $14,600 in merchandise.

"The suspect had a penchant for stealing multiple cases of Red Bull and bottles of New Amsterdam vodka," Vallejo police say in a Facebook post.

"The store's employees provided our officers with surveillance footage, details about the suspect's vehicle, and the identity of the female driver of the getaway car," police say. "A records check on the suspect's vehicle revealed that the license plates had been switched. Despite the vehicle being a Hyundai, the license plates were registered to a Toyota."

The suspects and their vehicle were soon located near Florida Street and Yuba Street in Vallejo, at which point a traffic stop was initiated. Police brought a store employee to the scene who positively identified the suspects as the Red Bull thief and his accomplice.

"The female suspect admitted after being Mirandized that she had intentionally placed the wrong license plates on her vehicle," the department says. "Furthermore, a records check on the male suspect revealed that he had a $25,000 warrant out of Solano County for possessing a stolen vehicle and a $10,000 warrant out of Napa County for theft."

Both suspects were arrested and the latest batch of stolen merchandise was returned to the store. The suspects have been booked into Solano County Jail on multiple felony charges.