A San Francisco cable car had to make a hard stop to avoid colliding with another vehicle Monday afternoon, resulting in some passenger injuries.

You may have gotten an alert to avoid the area of Taylor and Washington streets on Nob Hill, and the reason is there was a cable car accident, or near accident.

As KTVU reports, the cable car made a hard stop at that intersection sometime after noon, and six passengers who were on the cable car reportedly suffered injuries.

The extent or nature of the injuries is not yet known.

Two passengers informed KTVU that the cable car operator slammed on the brake to avoid a collision.

Update: Per KPIX, fourteen passengers were evaluated for injuries, and six were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

According to SFFD spokesperson Lt. Mariano Elias, "the cable car was coming down the hill on Washington Street and was almost to the base of the hill when the conductor noticed a passenger vehicle was in the intersection of Taylor Street."

Braking hard cause the passengers to lunge forward.

Photo: Matt Briney