It took 13 years, but prosecutors at long last won a rape and murder conviction of a 72-year-old man accused of killing and raping a 37-year-old woman in an incident dating back to 2010.

Way back in 2010, Mission Local ran a story about a “suspicious death” at the Mission District SRO Krishna Hotel. We now know that the victim was 37-year-old Amy Mustain, according to KRON4, and the circumstances of her death were far more brutal than initially realized. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’s office announced Thursday that they’d obtained guilty verdicts for 72-year-old Henry Hall, also then a resident at the Krishna Hotel, on charges of murder, rape by force, and sodomy by use of force.

“I would like to thank the jury for their service and thoughtful application of the law in bringing justice to the victim and her family after 13 long years,” Assistant District Attorney Charly Weissenbach said in a statement. “While there is nothing we can do to bring the victim back, this verdict condemns Mr. Hall for the brutal, violent sexual assault and murder of a particularly vulnerable victim who misplaced her trust and paid the ultimate cost.”

Yes, 13 years seems like a long time to get a guilty verdict, considering that Mustain’s body was found in Hall’s room. But KRON4 points out that Hall has been in custody for about three years at this point, since his September 16, 2020 arrest.

KTVU has some background on the 2010 killing, in which Mustain went to Hall’s room after an argument with her husband. According to police work and forensics, Hall gave Mustain heroin and cocaine before raping and killing her.

According to the DA’s office, Hall faces life in a state prison without parole, and his sentencing is currently scheduled for October 10, 2023.

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Image: Cocoablini via Wikimedia Commons