Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is bringing two of her psychedelic "Infinity Mirror Rooms" to SFMOMA next month, and timed tickets for the exhibit just went on sale this week.

As SFist reported earlier, Kusama has never had a solo exhibition in Northern California before, so Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Love will be the first. The exhibit will feature two of Kusama's mirror rooms — construction boxes that will sit in gallery spaces, letting in light from the outside into kaleidoscopic, mirrored, brightly colored spaces.

The newest immersive work is called Dreaming of Earth’s Sphericity, I Would Offer My Love (2023), and the other work on display is LOVE IS CALLING (2013. The latter is billed as "one of Kusama’s largest and most immersive works" and it "features a darkened environment illuminated by vividly colored inflatable forms that extend from the floor and ceiling accompanied by the sound of the artist reciting a poem about love."

Kusama wrote a poem to go with the newest work as well:

Enter the place of colors
Polka dots let in the sunlight of the earth
The heart is filled with the shining light of the sun
All of the people who enter seeking the joy of being alive
Let there be eternal harmony among all in the circles and cycles of living
Peace and endless love for all

Yayoi Kusama, Dreaming of Earth’s Sphericity, I Would Offer My Love, 2023, installed in the exhibition Yayoi Kusama: I Spend Each Day Embracing Flowers,David Zwirner, New York, May11—July 21, 2023 © YAYOI KUSAMA. Courtesy the artist, Ota Fine Arts, Victoria Miro, and DavidZwirner

Steadily working as an artist for 70 years, Kusama, now 94 years old, has resided in a mental-health facility since the 1970s, leaving each day to work in a nearby studio. She has been open about her mental illness for many years, saying, "My art is an expression of my life, particularly of my mental disease."

Kusama first made a mirrored work in the 1960s, and interest in her work was renewed in 1993 when she was selected to represent Japan at the Venice Biennale — where she installed a mirrored room full of polka-dotted pumpkins.

Her first "Infinity Mirror Room" piece was in 2000, and since then she has created around 20 of them.

The show opens to the public October 14, and timed tickets for October 14 to 31 are on sale now — with only weekday slots still available. The exhibit goes on for eleven months, and more timed ticket slots will be made available for November starting on October 5 (October 3 for members). There is a $10 surcharge for the exhibit.

SFMOMA Member preview days begin September 29.