We've tried to get the word out every year, and we'll try again: Getting into and out the far reaches of Golden Gate Park on Outside Lands weekend is not something you should be trying to do by car. You will regret it.

First off, let's get this out of the way: Yes, it's possible to take Lyft or Uber to the vicinity of the festival. But firstly, depending on when you're trying to do this, the traffic on the last few blocks of Fulton can end up at a standstill with buses getting priority. And, rideshare vehicles are relegated to doing pickups and dropoffs at pretty inconvenient spots — the designated areas are Balboa and 30th Avenue (adjacent to George Washington High School) on the north side of the park; and Irving Street between 25th and 27th Avenue on the south side.


If you want to ride your own bike, there will be self-parking bike racks near both the southern and northern entrances to the park. The main group of racks, which tend to have some security around them, will be near 25th Avenue, adjacent to the Box Office area.

And there are multiple Bay Wheels bike-share stations — a temporary one just for the festival is also set up at JFK Drive and Transverse Drive in the park, which will be staffed by valets.


Taking the 5-Fulton and shuttle buses that they run on Fulton Street is generally the simplest thing, and they typically have a lot of buses, but they do get packed as the evening wears on — especially during and after last sets.

Getting in: Grab the bus anywhere on Market Street or McAllister Street and ride out to 25th Avenue or 30th Avenue — when Fulton Street gets packed and things aren't moving, sometimes it's best to just get out and walk the extra five blocks. There's a path through the park that begins at 25th Avenue and leads to the main gates.

From the southern end, you'll be taking the N-Judah to 34th Avenue, and then walking down 34th Avenue until you hit the park. The path to the entry gates will be obvious from there.

Getting out: The 5 and 5R buses will line up at 25th Avenue and Fulton and the front ones will load and leave first. Starting at 9:30 p.m. each night, there will also be 5X buses — these buses will run express all the way to Civic Center if you're trying to get to BART or to a downtown hotel, but don't get on one of these if you're trying to get off in between.

If you don't already have one, get a Clipper Card and put money on it in your mobile phone wallet.

The inbound N-Judah is best caught at 34th Avenue and Judah or further down Judah toward the ocean. As the crowds stream out of the park toward the end of each night, half of them not knowing where to go, the trains will fill to capacity the further up the route they go, and you will end up there watching full trains go by unless you catch them closer to the beach.

This train drops off about four blocks from the Castro, at Duboce Park, and then will continue into downtown.

And don't forget to dress warmly, kids! The nighttime lows in Golden Gate Park this time of year are frigid. Don't be caught unawares in a skimpy outfit without layers to spare.