A woman was shot in the leg Friday afternoon while driving on Highway 101 southbound in San Francisco, just before the I-280 split.

As ABC 7 reports via the California Highway Patrol, the solo female driver was struck in the lower leg around 1 p.m.

The CHP says the victim pulled off the 280 freeway after being shot and pulled over on Monterey Boulevard.

The source of the bullet, and what or who the intended target were, are unknown.

The CHP is seeking any eyewitnesses to the shooting who could aid in the investigation.

Freeway shootings have become increasingly frequent occurrances in the Bay Area in the last two years, however these have more often occurred on East Bay freeways. There was, however, a suspected road rage shooting on I-280 two weeks ago in San Francisco. In that incident, the victim pulled off the freeway and up to the Hall of Justice in SoMa where they sought law enforcement help. The victim in that case was not injured.

Another suspected freeway shooting occurred the night of June 19 on northbound 101 near the 280 interchange, and that shooting led to a subsequent injury crash. The victim in that case suffered minor injuries from the crash, but not the shooting.

154 freeway shooting incidents were reported in 2022 across our region, which was double the number that occurred in Los Angeles during that same year. CHP attributes the rise in freeway incidents both to gang activity and road rage.

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Photo: Tony Webster