• Six people, including a potential shooting suspect, were injured Tuesday night in a shooting in Hayward. It's not yet clear what led up to the shooting on the 400 block of Ranker Place. [KTVU]
  • There was a shooting Tuesday at a July 4th block party in Shreveport, Louisiana that left four dead and seven wounded. The incident followed other shootings around the country over the holiday weekend with multiple injuries, including in Philadelphia, Fort Worth, Baltimore, and Wichita, where multiple gunmen shot up a nightclub and injured 11 people Sunday. [New York Times]
  • Firefighters with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District say they responded to 50 fires Tuesday night, including brush fires, that were caused by illegal fireworks. All told, they responded to 58 separate fires in a span of a few hours. [ConFire/Twitter]
  • By a global average that is still preliminary, Tuesday was the hottest day ever recorded on the planet. The average was 17.01 degrees Celsius (62.62 Fahrenheit) on Monday, already the highest temp since records began, and, Tuesday set a new record of 17.18 degrees Celsius. [CNN]
  • Longtime Bay Area TV news anchor Pam Moore retired and did her final broadcast on KTVU last week. [East Bay Times]
  • The smash-and-grab car burglars were of course out in force at Alamo Square Park over the holiday weekend. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Those lasers were lit under Sutro Tower Tuesday night, and they kept changing colors (not just red, white, and blue), but you could barely see them in the fog. [KTVU]
  • A bunch of people donned red, white and blue gear to go skiing at Palisades Tahoe Tuesday, in a rare July 4th ski day. [Chronicle]
  • Assuming you didn't bother because of the fog, here's video of the grand finale of the Fisherman's Wharf fireworks show last night.

Photo via Contra Costa County Fire Protection District