An Oakland woman whose daughter was found dead in her apartment last month has been charged with the girl's murder, in addition to several enhancements. And a relative says this was the sad result of a home plagued by domestic violence.

The tragedy unfolded on May 22 at an apartment building on 4555 Bancroft Avenue in East Oakland. Authorities were called to an apartment after relatives said they received a phone call from 33-year-old Rosa Orozco-Suarez saying that she had killed her daughter.

As the East Bay Times reports, police broke down the door and found Orozco-Suarez's 10-year-old daughter Sophia dead, her throat having been slit with a knife. They also found Rosa Orozco-Suarez suffering from "injuries to her hands and wrists," and she was taken to the hospital to be treated for those.

Several weeks later, after she was transferred to Santa Rita Jail, the DA's office has formally filed a murder charge with enhancements for the use of a knife, killing a vulnerable victim, and being in a position of trust.

Rosa’s sister, Nancy Orozco, tells the East Bay Times that the young girl's death "is the consequence of a home where there was always domestic violence — always."

Police have been called to the home in previous years, including instances of violence involving the girl's father, Federico Lorenzo. Lorenzo was reportedly abusive to both mother and daughter, and a restraining order was filed against him in 2019.

As Hoodline previously reported, neighbors had observed Ms. Orozco-Suarez becoming increasingly paranoid in recent months, and they said her mental health appeared to be deteriorating. She was said to be working multiple jobs, and had apparently been let go from a hotel job somewhat recently.

She will now face an arraignment on June 30.