A 2020 indictment by a grand jury in the December 2019 officer-involved shooting of then-25-year-old Jamaica Hampton was the result of political motivation from former DA Chesa Boudin, and a grand jury that was shown incomplete evidence, says SF District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

While Jenkins has a legal and political hot potato on her hands with the homicide of Banko Brown at the hands of an armed security guard, she is making separate statement this week by dropping charges in a high-profile SFPD shooting case.

The December 2019 shooting of Jamaica Hampton by rookie SFPD Officer Christopher Flores caused an uproar at the time, and video released from the incident did not quell that uproar.

As Mission Local reminds us today, "Hampton [was shot] during a foot chase in the Mission — after Hampton had already been shot twice by another officer and was crawling on the ground [when Flores fired]."

The story was that Hampton appeared to very intoxicated near the intersection of 23rd and Capp streets, and allegedly assaulted Hayes through the passenger-side door of the police SUV, apparently with a vodka bottle. Hampton survived the shooting, but was in critical condition initially and ended up needing to have a leg amputated.

Charges against Hampton were dropped, refiled, and then dropped again by Boudin after Hampton agreed to mental health diversion.

Now, as Jenkins contends, she is dropping the charges against Flores, telling KTVU, "There were two witnesses that indicated facts that were consistent with Officer Flores having acted in self-defense and those witness statements were not presented to the grand jury."

Jenkins says that due to political bias and an agenda by Boudin to prosecute police shootings, Boudin's office failed to share this exculpatory evidence with a grand jury that handed down the indictment against Flores in December 2020.

This comes after Jenkins also dropped charges, in February, against the rookie officer implicated in the 2017 shooting of Keita O'Neal.

"I was handed when I took over what I believed were politically based and politically motivated prosecutions against police officer where there was clearly not enough evidence to prove their guilt," Jenkins says to KTVU today.

Jenkins further contends that Boudin had "quietly" offered Flores a deal that would have "essentially [been] a full dismissal of all charges" in exchange for a light punishment, and Flores rejected that deal.

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Top image: San Francisco district attorney Brooke Jenkins (L) speaks as San Francisco police chief William Scott (L) looks on during a press conference at San Francisco Police headquarters on April 13, 2023 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco police arrested 38 year-old tech tech entrepreneur Nima Momeni at his home in Emeryville, California in connection with the stabbing murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee. Momeni was taken into custody without incident. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)