Assemblymember Phil Ting’s seat is up for grabs next year, and District 2 Supervisor Catherine Stefani has filed to run for it — she's also changed her Twitter handle, and set up a campaign website.

There are no upcoming San Francisco elections in the year 2023, which probably feels like a relief to many local voters, considering we had four Election Days in 2022. So your next election is looming almost exactly one year to the day in the future, March 5, 2024, which is a primary for several major positions (including the GOP and Democratic nominations for President of the United States). Hats are already being thrown in rings at a furious clip; Dianne Feinstein’s seat has drawn a Democratic royal rumble, state Senator Scott Wiener is angling for Nancy Pelosi’s seat (should Pelosi retire), and Tuesday night, the Chronicle broke the news that District 2 supervisor Catherine Stefani has filed to run for state Assembly, almost certainly for current Assemblemember Phil Ting’s seat, as that is the district in which Stefani lives.

Stefani confirmed the news by posting the above campaign video just before 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. “I’m running for the state Assembly, because It’s time we fix California,” she says, then proceeds to laundry-list issues like gun violence, neighborhood safety, and “better opportunities for our kids.”

That tweet above references the website, but per the Chronicle “the website was reserved last month, as Mission Local first reported.” ( redirects to The Chron also points out that Stefani has changed her Twitter handle from @SupStefani to @Stefani4CA. But the biggest tell is that she’s filed to run.

As a reminder, San Francisco is split into two Assembly districts, which are seen below. Stefani would almost certainly be running for AD-19 (which also covers portions of San Mateo County), as that’s where she lives, and Phil Ting is being termed out in 2024. Assemblymember Matt Haney would also be up for reelection to his AD-17 seat, and considering that the fine print on now says “Paid for by Matt Haney for Assembly 2024,” that would sure indicate he is running again.

Image: We Draw The Lines CA

Last year there were rumors that Stefani was after the SF District Attorney job, and she was pretty gung-ho for the recall of Chesa Boudin. But either Mayor Breed passed Stefani over, or Stefani balked at Breed’s apparent desire to micromanage that office. Still, Stefani is likely to adopt a law-and-order, tough-prosecutor platform, at which she is often quite eloquent, though still gets constituent blowback on that topic. She has strong name recognition, and unless someone else with strong name recognition jumps in, Stefani’s odds in that primary election in 364 days from now would seem pretty good.

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Image: @Stefani4CA via Twitter