Pack your growlers and reading glasses this weekend – Anchor Brewing Company is hosting Books & Brews, a celebration of SF Beer Week and local authors like Emil DeAndries, whose new novel, Tell Us When to Go inspired of Anchor's new Tell Us When to Go IPA. Books & Brews will be at Anchor Brewing on Saturday, February 18th, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., where you can also catch the up-and-coming author during his book signing.

For those looking to join in on the fun, the festivities will not only include a book sale, hosted by Friends of the SF Public Library, with over 100 selections to peruse, but also a pint of Anchor Brewing craft beer, and if you're lucky, you'll just happen to be there when Emil DeAndries himself is signing books and talking about his work, a great chance to get to know one of San Francisco's up-and-coming authors.

Emil's novel, Tell Us When to Go, follows the story of two recent college dropouts, Isaac Moss and Cole Gallegos, and their respective paths in San Francisco; Isaac lands a tech job and Cole finds himself tutoring a student, Dizzy Benson, at a local high school. As SFist's Jay puts it, Tell Us When to Go "turns out to be a compelling and unusual two-perspective tale about modern San Francisco, the early days of social media, and the modes in which twentysomethings find meaning and purpose in a cluttered, chaotic culture."

And this interesting read can now be accompanied by a beer, Anchor's Tell Us When to Go IPA, a toasted malt lager that's sure to hit the spot!

Though we haven't yet tasted the Tell Us When to Go IPA, Anchor Steam is known for a toasty, grainy, and lightly nutty malt profile, as well as a bready element, and Anchor Brewing has made many different sub brands in the past, most of which are known for complex and smooth malt sweetness and light bitterness in the finish — a perfect accompaniment to a book sale and a chance to meet a local emerging author! So come one, come all to Anchor Brewing Company on Saturday, February 18th, for Books & Brews, a chance to pick up a copy of Tell Us When to Go, grab a beer, and play a part in celebrating the release of Emil DeAndries's novel, and don't forget to enjoy responsibly.

Image Credit: Stirring hops into the wort during the production of Anchor Steam beer. (WolfmanSF / WikiMedia)

Image Credit: Flyer courtesy of Anchor Brewing.