• The wife 41-year-old Dharmesh A. Patel, the Southern California radiologist accused of trying to kill his wife and children, and himself, by driving their Tesla off a cliff on Highway 1 last month, does not want her husband prosecuted. The prosecution is framing this as a case of domestic violence, and saying victims in these cases often do not want the perpetrators prosecuted; the judge has issued a no-contact order for Patel and his wife. [KTVU]
  • Chaos broke out in a Buffalo, New York courtroom this morning at the sentencing of white supremacist gunman Payton Gendron, convicted in the killing of 10 people at a Tops supermarket last May. Before being sentenced to life for the murders, and domestic terrorism, Gendron was almost rushed by a grieving family member of a victim. [Associated Press / CNN]
  • In an echo of what's been happening across the estuary in Oakland, Alameda's school board just voted to close down Bay Farm Middle School, against loud objections from parents. [KTVU]
  • After three years of worrying mostly about respiratory illnesses, the dastardly norovirus is making a late-season surge, which is alarming the CDC. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Elon Musk is hedging a bit on his pledge to install a new CEO at Twitter who is not him, now saying he'll do so "probably toward the end of the year." [NBC Bay Area]
  • The Chronicle's Kevin Fagan has a new piece about Dianne Feinstein, following the announcement of her planned retirement (in 2025), saying that "her toughness was forged in the chaotic 1970s" when men ruled all politics. [Chronicle]
  • The Warriors went down 134-124 to the Clippers Tuesday night, as they "limp" into the All-Star break. [KPIX]
  • According to a new report, U.S. adults are expected to spend more than half of their viewing time this year watching streaming shows and online video, versus "linear TV" on traditional and cable broadcast networks. [KPIX]

Photo: Jay Barmann/SFist