Out in San Joaquin County, it seems a few drivers don't like to abide by road closures that inconvenience them, and this has resulted in three vehicles in two weeks getting fully lodged in a sinkhole that's about 12 to 15 feet wide.

"It happened again. We can’t make this stuff up," writes CHP-Tracy on Facebook after the latest incident of a pickup truck tumbling fully into the sinkhole. "This was 100 percent preventable.  There is no excuse. The signs are clear, visible, and unobstructed."

Photo: CHP-Tracy

These are the signs the truck's driver ignored:

Photo: CHP-Tracy

The sinkhole formed on Kassen Road in San Joaquin County, just outside of Tracy and west of Modesto. As KPIX reports, the sinkhole began forming on January 17.

That above incident happened on January 28, and two days earlier, this happened, involving a silver sedan and a similar scofflaw who didn't want to heed the warnings.

"We’re at a loss for words.  If only there were signs and/or barriers that could have prevented this…" CHP said at the time.

Photo: CHP-Tracy

"Many motorists use Kasson Road to commute to Stockton, Manteca, Modesto, and are frustrated about the road closure," CHP posted in the days after the road was initially closed for an indeterminate amount of time. They suggested alternate routes, and yet, people still seem to want to bypass the barricades and try their luck, and then miss the 15-foot sinkhole before it's too late.

Images from January 17 show the first car to get subsumed, when the water from a nearby waterway was flooding over the road and creating the sinkhole in the first place.

Photo: CHP-Tracy

And the bafflement was only elevated when a car dropped into ponding water and another apparent sinkhole on Patterson Road the same day.

"Please let this be the last one!" the CHP officers posted at the time (Jan. 17). "'ROAD CLOSED' on Patterson Pass Road east of the Alameda County Line. The signs are posted for your safety. IF YOU COME ACROSS A ROAD CLOSURE, TURN AROUND AND FIND AN ALTERNATE ROUTE!"