A great big rock and a bunch of other rocks are currently blocking the southbound lane of Highway 1 just north of the Tom Lantos Tunnels/Devil's Slide Bridge, and Caltrans says that motorists should "expect delays" in the area as they attempt to break up and remove the rocks.

The rockslide happened Monday around 11:20 a.m., as the Half Moon Bay Review reports. They are saying the boulder appears to be "six feet in circumference," but I think they meant diameter, given the photos and videos, like the ones below, from the scene. In fact, eight or nine feet in diameter is more like it.

Photo: Ray Mueller/Facebook

The boulder is blocking the entrance to Old Devil's Slide Highway as well as the southbound entry point to the Tom Lantos Tunnels, leading to single-lane traffic controls in the area.

"The roadway remains open, but the Pacifica Police Department is urging people to drive with caution when in the area," says KRON4.

Caltrans is reportedly bringing in heavy equipment to break up the big boulder, and it's not clear how long this process will take.

Basically, Highway 1 is full of hazards right now!

Other sections of Highway 1 south of Big Sur are similar impacted by rock- and landslides. A new rockslide occurred Sunday just south of Mill Creek, covering both lanes of the highway, and the road remains impassible south of there, where a massive rockslide occurred a few days after the new year.