Human remains — basically just a skeleton — were found in a building on the UC Berkeley campus earlier this week, and so far there's no explanation or identification of the remains.

UC Berkeley officials informed students this week that some "skeletonized" human remains were found in a building on the school's Clark Kerr Campus, a group of historic, primarily residential buildings several blocks south of the main university campus. The skeleton was discovered inside a building that has "not been occupied for many years," officials said.

As KTVU reports, the Alameda County Coroner's Office is investigating and no cause of death has been determined. Also, the university says it has no outstanding missing persons cases, and this is just a mystery for now. The remains may have been there many years, or decades.

The Clark Kerr Campus, sometimes called "The Kerr," is used primarily as housing for incoming freshmen. The facilities also include an Academic Services Centers, and several sports and recreational facilities.

The group of Spanish colonial buildings were originally built in the 1930s to house the California Schools for the Deaf and Blind. That school relocated to Fremont in 1980, and UC Berkeley laid claim to the property — following some legal battles — renovating and reopening it as residential halls in 1983.

UC officials haven't specified which long-shuttered building the remains were found in, or anything else about the discovery.

The case calls to mind last year's gruesome discovery of "mummified" human remains that were discovered inside a wall at the abandoned Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland. Police couldn't be sure how long the remains had been there, with the building having been abandoned for years, setting off some intrigue.

A month after the discovery we learned that the remains belonged to a 42-year-old homeless man, Joseph Edward Mejica. Mejica met with some "misadventure" inside the abandoned building sometime around August 2020, which was when he was last seen alive. It remained anyone's guess how his body ended up wedged inside the wall, but it appeared he had likely fallen into the gap somehow from above and became stuck there.

Photo: Google Street View