A Brentwood mother of a teenage girl who participated in teen beauty pageants has been sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for cyberstalking and harassing teenage acquaintances of her daughter after they had fallings-out.

The story dates back to 2016. Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, now 47 and formerly a resident of San Francisco, began taking an apparently unhealthy interest in her daughter's social life. As described in a release from the U.S Attorney's Office, Northern District of California, Demirovic began a campaign — apparently with her daughter's help — of cyberstalking and seeking to "destroy" any teenager whom she perceived as having wronged her daughter.

All of these crimes took place while Demirovic and her family lived in San Francisco. She has pleaded guilty to cyberstalking and conspiracy to commit cyberstalking.

This all began with a 14-year-old boy who "dated Demirovic’s [daughter] for only a few days in February 2016." Demirovic admitted in a plea agreement last year that she falsely accused the boy of being violent against her daughter, repeated such accusations to the boy's mother, and "went to the victim’s school, located him, accosted him, and, in front of other students, threatened him."

As described in a 2021 indictment, per Bay Area News Group, the boy became depressed and "began skipping field trips and singing classes when he knew that Demirovic might be present." Also, "He sought therapeutic help. His grades slipped so far that his parents considered withdrawing him from school."

A second victim was a female friend of the daughter — identified in court filings as Ayra Demirovic, now a 20-year-old college student who formerly interned with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors — with whom the daughter had a falling out. Federal prosecutors say that the elder Demirovic said that she'd "fabricated incriminating evidence to the police and [threatened] to arrange to have this victim disciplined by her school." She further left multiple threatening voicemails and sent text messages to the second victim.

There were two other male victims, at least one of whom briefly dated the daughter. One was apparently a high school student about whom Demirovic fabricated lies about abusive behavior and drug and alcohol use, leading to him quitting his job. Demirovic also "used Instagram spoof accounts that used the victim’s name and images of him."

Another male victim, a college student, was harassed and bullied via a host of fake social media accounts, "some that impersonated the victim and others that used pseudonyms," over the course of a concerted, 17-month campaign allegedly involving the daughter as well.

"Messages were sent to the victim, his family, friends, school officials, and strangers. For example, Demirovic created social media postings suggesting, among other things, that the victim was high on drugs, that he was emotionally and psychologically abusive, and that he was engaged in online bullying and anonymous messaging," prosecutors say.

Demirovic also tried to get him in trouble with his college by submitting a Title IX complaint alleging that he "harassed and stalked" girls.

Demirovic participated in the "scholarship pageant" circuit around this time, winning the Miss San Francisco Outstanding Teen title in 2017 — these pageants are connected to the larger Miss America organization, with the ultimate title being Miss America Outstanding Teen. She then competed for Miss Treasure Island Outstanding Teen the following year.

Interestingly, the elder Demirovic is a Bosnian Muslim refugee who appeared in a 2018 documentary called Faces of Genocide, describing how she escaped slaughter in Bosnia after her mother was killed by soldiers at their home.

The Jewish News of Northern California reported on an appearance she made in 2006 telling this same story of escape at Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco, noting at the time "There were few dry eyes in the great hall" after Demirovic told her story.

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