The dog survived, but the mountain lion was tracked down and euthanized, after an incident last weekend where the mountain lion casually walked into a Sonoma County home and picked a fight with the dog.

It’s a phenomenon we’ve seen in the Bay Area before, where mountain lions wander into human-inhabited areas, and things do not end well for a dog in the puma's path. But in a series of incidents last weekend, one mountain lion apparently walked right into a person’s home. KTVU reports on a Sonoma County mountain lion that walked into home and dragged a dog out by the neck, and while the dog survived the encounter, the mountain lion has since been euthanized.

This all happened last weekend in the Sonoma County community of Bennett Valley, outside of Santa Rosa. KTVU has video footage of part of the encounter above, where the mountain is no longer in the house at this point, but has dragged a woman’s border collie named Sherman out into the back yard.

"She was bearing her teeth and hissing, and [Sherman] had passed out from shock," the resident Rebecca Kracker told KTVU. "I thought he was dead at that point."

The dog came to after the mountain left, but the bog cat would return to Kracker’s the next day, and killed two of her goats on the second visit.

"This is not normal, there's something wrong with this mountain lion," Kracker told the station. "She shouldn't be walking into my house. She should have some fear."

You’ll be pleased to know that the border collie Sherman has recovered and is doing fine. But no so for the two goats, nor the aggressive mountain lion.

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Image: priscilladupreez via Unsplash