Prosecutors say that a patron at an illegal gambling den in Oakland was stripped naked and brutally beaten for six minutes in a January 2022 incident caught on video, and the three men believed responsible now face torture charges.

The motive for beating is not clear from court documents, but as the East Bay Times reports, Alameda County prosecutors say that a man identified only as John Doe suffered a "large amount of blood loss" and was beaten unconscious in the incident — beaten with a firearm and allegedly stomped on the head.

Torture charges were filed Tuesday against 22-year-old Terrance Hadnot, 31-year-old Wai Hoang, and 24-year-old Christopher Darby. The location where the beating allegedly took place, a residential building on the 1900 block of 17th Avenue in Oakland, is a suspected gambling parlor that was listed as Hoang's residence in 2018.

Additionally, prosecutors have charged 47-year-old Jenevieve Ramirez with being an accessory after the fact to the torture of John Doe, and Hoang and Darby both face illegal gun charges.

Illegal gambling parlors have been busted all over the Bay Area in the last two decades, including, most recently, a raid on two homes last month that were allegedly being used for gambling and crack cocaine production in San Jose.

The gambling parlor on 17th Avenue was raided by Oakland police in late August, at which time they seized four semi-automatic firearms, 15 pounds of suspected marijuana, 12 gaming machines, and $3,000 in cash according to an OPD press release.

The raid had occurred after months of complaints from neighbors — and it's unclear when police discovered footage of the January beating, or whether the victim came forward.

As the East Bay Times reports, Hoang was busted at the 17th Avenue home in 2018, at which point he was allegedly in possession of 75 pounds of marijuana and four firearms. In October 2020, Oakland police say they seized a backpack containing drugs and Hoang's driver’s license at an illegal gambling parlor on 14th Avenue. They wouldn't ultimately bust that gambling den and arrest Hoang until nine months later, in June 2021. At that point police say they seized meth, marijuana, and heroin, along with eight firearms, 30 high capacity magazines, a bulletproof vest, 18 gaming machines, and $21,000 in cash.

It's not clear from the East Bay Times's reporting if Hoang was out on bail or what he was charged with following that 2021 arrest.

Hoang and the others are all scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.

Photo: Ays Be