• With 680 more votes for Thao counted, the City Councilwoman is narrowly leading Loren Taylor, pulling ahead of Taylor with 50.3% of the vote after ranked choice. “We are optimistic that our lead will hold and that Sheng Thao will be the next mayor of Oakland,” Thao’s campaign said in a statement; if elected into office, Thao has promised to uphold her campaign promises of addressing the city's violent crime rates, build more affordable housing, and find sustainable living spaces for Oakland's homeless population. [Oaklandside/Mercury News]
  • COVID experts continue recommending testing and mask-wearing in crowded indoor environments. Wearing a high-quality N95 or KN95 is still a good idea when traveling and inside crowded spaces, especially in the presence of unvaccinated individuals; receiving a seasonal flu shot is also a good idea to prevent being infected with a COVID-flu combo illness. [Chronicle]
  • Three juvenile suspects in Antioch were arrested Friday in relation to an armed carjacking that happened in Stockton. [KRON4]
  • With SF's "tumultuous election season" coming to an end at long last, here's an interactive map to see how your neighborhood voted. [Mission Local]
  • Those blue jeans you love... they're among the most water-intensive articles of clothing in your closet (and sustainably-sourced, organic kinds of cotton make up just 1% of total jean production, globally). [Mongabay]
  • Coinciding with his return to Twitter, former president Trump is currently sitting in his lowest political influence and favorability position since 2018. [CNN]

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Conrad J Camit