It must be almost Meowvember, because it's apparently time for another round of media attention to one of San Francisco's most beloved subspecies of pet: the corner store cat.

SFist sought to round up the city's most famous working cats a decade ago, after Gothamist in New York did a viral roundup of NYC's best "bodega cats".  And back in dark days of December 2020, SFGate did a fresh roundup of nine cats doing their best patrols of the city's shops — corner stores as well as one aquarium, one hardware store, and a clock shop.

Now designer, transit advocate, and avid tweeter Chris Arvin has put together a map, which curiously doesn't include a number of the cats SFGate highlighted two years ago, but it does find 15 store cats scattered around the city, charming and ignoring customers as their daily duty. And the Chronicle has now picked up Arvin's map as well.

"I have spent years building up this knowledge," Arvin says of his list and map.

After posting the map and asking for further suggestions, he says he received so many that he's going to have redesign the map and repost at a later date, but here's the draft map so far.

Photo: Pacto Visual/Unsplash