Today, Wednesday, is going to be even warmer than Tuesday, and records may be broken across the Bay in high-pressure-system heatwave.

For all those who revel in SF's typically warm falls, this one has been a bit of a disappointment so far — but hey, no wildfire smoke! We haven't had a good extended warmup since Labor Day, but this week we're having a mini one.

While the Outer Sunset and Outer Richmond are likely to stay in the low 70s on Wednesday, the traditionally warmer parts of SF like the Mission and Dogpatch are likely to see temps in the low 80s, with the city having a forecast high of 84.

In South Bay, records could be broken today in places like Los Gatos, which is expected to see a high of 92, as the Mercury News reports.

Also, the North and East bays should be seeing a very warm Wednesday as well.

As Chronicle meteorologist Gerry Diaz writes, "Wednesday’s warm-up will be brief, but tactical. The high pressure’s grip on the Bay Area will be at its strongest in the North Bay highlands and the East Bay hills, where temperatures are set to reach the upper 80s and low 90s by noon. Once the air mass locks in-place, it will curl light, dry air into Oakland, Napa and the eastern foothills of the Santa Clara Valley."

Thursday is expected to be partly sunny and not as warm, with a high forecast of 70, per Accuweather.

So get out and enjoy what could be the last of Indian Summer today, or go out to the ocean if you want to escape the heat.

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