• The residents of the West Oakland’s Wood Street encampment who have been cleared out held a rally outside Oakland City Hall Tuesday demanding alternate arrangements. The evicted campers are calling for the city to open eight acres of the North Gateway parcel of a former Oakland Army Base to serve as a new safe sleeping and camping site. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Orkin has ranked San Francisco as the fifth “rattiest” city in U.S., in an analysis that was conducted during the current Glen Park rat infestation. Chicago took the “honors” of having the highest degree of rat problems, followed by New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and us here in San Francisco. [KGO]
  • A 39-year-old man miraculously survived an early morning shooting on South Van Ness where he was not only shot, but then run over by a car. The man is surprisingly expected to survive, and per KPIX, “police said there were three women and a man in their 20s suspected of the shooting and a black SUV associated with the case.” [KPIX]  
  • San Jose police busted a house that was not only an alleged illegal gambling den, but also a crack cocaine factory from which they recovered seven ounces of blow. [Hoodline]
  • The Alameda County supervisors today passed a ban on wild-cow milking at rodeos, where cows are electrified and forcibly milked. [IDA USA]
  • Netflix has reversed its subscriber loss fortunes, gaining 2.4 million subscribers during the last three months. [KPIX]

Image: rickyratcomix via Instagram