It was not the first time this 45-year-old woman assaulted someone on AC Transit, but security video shows that on Sunday, she bashed a driver on the head with a hammer and tried to shoot him, but the gun malfunctioned.

A terrible assault of an AC Transit driver in East Oakland on Saturday could have been a lot worse had the assailant’s gun not malfunctioned, and it turns out the alleged perp has quite a history of going after the system’s bus operators. KTVU has exclusive security video below of a hammer assault on an AC Transit driver Sunday where the attacker eventually whipped out a gun and pulled the trigger — but fortunately, failed to fire the gun properly.

The incident can be seen in the video above, taken Sunday, from near the Coliseum BART station on San Leandro Street. The AC Transit driver is not driving, but chatting with someone, and a woman runs across the street specifically just to pound him on the head with a hammer. He tackles her, and in the melee, she points a .22 caliber semi-automatic at him and threatens to kill him, pulling the trigger. But per KTVU, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office says “it was because of either user error or a weapon malfunction.”

The suspect is 45-year-old Sharee Hall, and this is not her first violent AC Transit incident. “Records show Hall was charged related to pushing a passenger off a bus and causing injuries,” the station adds. “Then in a separate case in 2019, she was convicted in connection to pepper-spraying someone in the face and pulling out a knife. Sources told KTVU that Hall has repeatedly targeted the bus driver in the most recent incident and in August physically attacked him.”

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a restraining order to keep Hall off the AC Transit system. "We feel she should not be allowed to be anywhere near a bus, the bus stop, be allowed to get onto a bus," Lt. Ray Kelly told KTVU. "She poses an immediate risk and danger to the public."

Hall is being charged with felony firearm assault, and remains in custody at Santa Rita Jail.

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Image: DF4D-0070 via Wikimedia Commons