We may finally have closure in the case of Alexis Gabe, the 24-year-old Oakley woman who went missing in January, as a volunteer search team has found what may be her remains some 90 miles from home in Amador County.

The Bay Area’s highest-profile missing person case of 2022 could be drawing to a conclusion, and it’s a cruelly ironic twist that the family is actually hoping that human remains are found to be that of their daughter, just so they can have some closure.

When 24-year-old Oakley woman Alexis Gabe went missing in January, her ex-boyfriend with whom she was last seen was identified as a person of interest. When police attempted to serve that ex-boyfriend, Marshall Curtis Jones, an arrest warrant near Seattle in June, he lunged at them with a knife and was shot and killed. And a week after that, police found an eerie handwritten letter and map in Jones’ handwriting that they suspect detailed where he allegedly disposed of her body.

But in the four months since the discovery of that letter, search teams have not found Gabe’s body in those rural wilderness parts described. But last week they may have, as a search team in Amador County found a set of human bones that may be Gabe’s, according to KRON4.  

The remains were found in Pioneer, California, a roughly 90-mile drive from Oakley. “The map that (Jones) created was handwritten by him,” Gabe’s father Gwyn Gabe told KGO. “It was confirmed it was his handwriting. It has directions, starting at Vacaville, at his sister's house, all the way to Pioneer.”

And the family is hoping they are Alexis’s remains, just to bring this painful saga to a definitive end. “What we’re feeling right now are mixed emotions. It’s kind of devastating to hear if those really are her remains and they are all scattered there,” Gwyn Gabe told KRON4. “It’s very hard to accept that. But at the same time it would probably be a relief for us because all we want to do is find her remains and bring her home.”

That closure may not come quickly, though. According to KGO, “it could take up to two months before they get the DNA results of the bones.”

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Image: via Facebook