Security video indicates it may have been the same group of thieves who hit a Marina District garage three times in one night last week, and on the third trip, they made off with a car.

In San Francisco’s post-Chesa Boudin era, it is apparently no longer in the Style Guide for local TV news reporters to put #NoConsequences in their crime tweets, or ask theft victims leading questions about whether this crime was all the fault of the District Attorney’s policies. Yet the brazen crime stories still roll in at the same pace, the local TV stations are still covering them, and all-caps headers appear to remain in the Style Guide.

The latest of these may be brazen enough to merit the all-caps header. KPIX has the story of a Marina garage robbed three times in the same night, and from the looks (and pattern) of the security video from the three robberies that all happened within hours in the early morning of September 20, it appears the first two robberies were committed by the same duo who have very nice leather jackets.

The third robbery that night was of the residents’ vehicle, that robbery committed by someone in a white hoodie. But this too may be correlated, considering that the cars keys were swiped in the second robbery just two hours before the car itself is stolen by someone who clearly has a key to the vehicle.      

KRON4 spoke to the couple victimized by the thefts in a Sunday follow-up interview. “Each point they stared at each camera and just kept chugging along,” resident  Marvin Benedict told KRON4. “The fact that they didn’t have masks on the first time or anything like that didn’t stop them from wearing the same clothes and coming back.”

For what it’s worth, the car was recovered later that day in the Tenderloin, but the suspects are still at large. “The first thing I saw was hypodermic needles and so there was that,” Benedict said, describing the condition of the car. “There were a lot of bags of candy, like Halloween candy and needles in that bag too, and then there was a bunch of tie-off bands in the front. I can’t even imagine what fluids are in there, but it smelled really bad and they had taken a bunch of the panels off the car, along the floorboards.”

If you have any information about the suspects of the incident, you’re asked to call SFPD at (415) 614-3400, or text the Tip Line at (415) 614-3451.

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Image: Google Street View