We're getting some of that rare summer precipitation in San Francisco and elsewhere around NorCal, thanks to monsoonal moisture drifting our way from the desert Southwest.

You may have woken up to a wet front porch or back deck on Monday, and smatterings of rain continue to fall around the city.

The National Weather Service warned of possible lightning and scattered showers on Sunday, but so far very little lightning has been detected. Radar picked up a lightning strike in Monterey County Monday morning, as the isolated pockets of moisture continue to move through the region. A few hours earlier, the weather service spotted some lightning off the Marin County coast.

Sarah McCorkle, a forecaster with the weather service, tells SFGate that the chance of thunder and lightning in our area will drop off significantly after 2 p.m. Monday.

"On our radar right now I see some rain moving into our area in the next few hours. There's about a 15% chance we could get a lightning strike or two," McCorkle said.

The Weather Channel predicted a 50% chance of showers in SF around noon.

Overnight rainfall was extremely minimal, though parts of the North Bay saw a couple one-hundredths of an inch hit the ground.

The last bout of monsoon moisture to come our way was from some early-season rain in the Southwest in late June. We're now more in the thick of the season, and we should brace for more forecasts like this.

Otherwise, the weather this week should be pretty Fogust-typical, with the sun coming out by Wednesday and warming things up a bit with a forecast high of 67 on Thursday in San Francisco.

Photo: Thibaut Thiberghein