A lot of people living in Richmond and nearby towns posted to Nextdoor and Facebook late Saturday/early Sunday to complain about a never-ending, droning bass beat coming from somewhere, and keeping them up well past 2 a.m. Richmond Mayor Tom Butt got on the case, and apparently has figured it out.

There was an electronic music event on Saturday night at the Craneway Pavillion in Richmond — The Fluffy Cloud Experience music and light show, which is actually a Burning Man fundraiser — but that event ended at 2 a.m., and people were complaining about hearing "incessant" beatz going well into the morning hours of Sunday.

One resident described it as not "normal music; it was a loop of some sort of electronic dance music (edm)/techno [that] would start and stop a few times, get louder and louder and then stop. Then it would start all over."

Is that dubstep I hear? Could this have been a Burner after-party?

The Richmond Standard reported on how Mayor Butt brought up the complaints in his weekly online forum on Sunday.

"Hundreds of people took to Next Door and Facebook … to complain about an incessant bass tone beat that kept them up all night. Complaints came in from all over Richmond, San Pablo, and El Sobrante. People were so upset that many were driving around in the early hours of the morning seeking the source. There was much speculation, none of which has panned out," Butt wrote. He then offered a $500 reward for information about where the noise was coming from.

As KRON4 reports, as of Tuesday, Butt has his answer. It was "noise was generated from pickup trucks loaded with music speakers," and "The speakers blasted electrofunk music for a late-night party."

Butt didn't reveal the location of the late-night event that pissed many people off, but he told the station, "I now have all the details. The reward has been claimed."

It's not clear if anyone's going to be charged with disturbing the peace.

Photo: Zac Bromeli