A few big chunks of concrete were knocked off an I-80 overpass at Gilman Street in Berkeley Wednesday morning when a big-rig truck driver carrying an excavator plowed into it, and then took off.

The incident happened around 10:40 a.m. according to the CHP, and there were at least a few witnesses, as they know that the blue truck was carrying a yellow John Deere excavator, and the excavator is what hit the side of the freeway deck. The trucker then, reportedly, just backed up and somehow got on the freeway. Somebody passing by at the time actually snapped photos right after this happened, and sent them to Berkeleyside.

As Berkeleyside reports, no injuries were reported, and possible structural damage to the I-80 overpass was still being assessed by Caltrans Wednesday afternoon. As a precaution, the far-right, eastbound lane of the freeway was closed to traffic at Gilman Street, which is likely just contributing to the perpetual slowness on this stretch of road.

The Gilman Street on- and off-ramps reopened Wednesday, but this section of Gilman Street under the overpass remained fully closed. Caltrans put out a statement saying, "City of Berkeley police are directing traffic to the frontage road and other detour routes."

As KPIX reports, an ongoing construction project at the Gilman interchange did not sustain any damage.

CHP Oakland Officer David Arias tells Berkeleyside, "The CHP and allied agencies are actively looking for this person" who was driving the big rig.

Photos show big missing chunks of concrete on the overpass, and exposed rebar, so yeah, somebody's gotta pay for this!