• Alameda County has lifted its recent, short-lived, re-upped mask mandate, citing a decline in COVID cases. Not sure anyone listened, but the Bay Area's only large-scale mask mandate has again been lifted. [Daily Californian]
  • A bicyclist was killed Saturday afternoon on Highway 1, near the town of San Gregorio in San Mateo County, when a car veered into the bike lane. [Chronicle]
  • The anti-corporate, more protest-oriented People's March once again proceeded down Polk Street Sunday morning, as an alternative to the bigger SF Pride Parade. [CBS SF]
  • The family of a pregnant teen who was shot and killed by Fremont police in 2017 (when her boyfriend tried to ram them with the vehicle the two were riding in) has won a federal lawsuit against the city. [KRON4]
  • California lawmakers are expected today to take up an amendment to the state constitution, to be put on the November ballot, that would enshrine abortion rights into state law. [New York Times]
  • There's been an explosion in recent years in shield-backed katydids (a.k.a. "Mormon crickets") in the American West, particularly in Oregon, where crops have been damaged and more. [CBS News]
  • The Supreme Court issued another ruling Monday favoring "religious freedom," going against precedents of recent years that limited the expression of religion in public schools, ruling in favor of a high school football coach who made a show of praying on the field after games. [New York Times]

Photo: Gabriel Greca