• In addition to the Boudin recall, San Francisco voters said "yes" to five other ballot measures, but the big new bond Muni wanted looks a couple of percentage points behind. The $400 million bond in Prop. A needs 66.67% of the vote to pass, but it only had 63.3% as of this morning — with another nearly 100,000 ballots apparently still to be counted.* [SFGov]
  • Governor Gavin Newsom and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi both predictably sailed to victory in their primary races, and Newsom appointee Rob Bonta won the primary race for Attorney General with 54.5% of the vote. Bonta's job is fairly well secured, with the next highest vote-getters being two Republicans who got less than 20% of the vote. [New York Times]
  • Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert has dropped out of the race for Attorney General. Registered as an independent, Schubert got only 7.5% of votes int he primary. [CBS Sacramento]
  • Former SF Supervisor Malia Cohen looks to be facing off with Republican Lanhee Chen in the race for state Controller in November — which Republicans are hoping is their first chance in years of winning a statewide race in CA. [KTLA]
  • In the open election for retiring Congresswoman Jackie Speier's seat, California Assembly Speaker Kevin Mullin and San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa are the top two vote-getters, with Mullin having a six-point edge. [Mercury News / New York Times]
  • SF's Prop C, which would have limited the ability to launch recalls or hold recall elections less than a year from when a candidate is up for election again, failed by a wide margin, with 60% of voters voting no — about as many as voted to oust Boudin. [SFGov]
  • Down in Los Angeles, Rep. Karen Bass is headed for a runoff election in the mayor's race against Republican-turned-Democrat billionaire developer Rick Caruso, who campaigned on being tough on crime — which the Times links with the Boudin recall as further evidence of "the extent to which the political winds have shifted even in Democratic cities in the two years since George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer." [New York Times]
  • And if you have time for a long-read, The Atlantic has a piece by recently departed SF native Nellie Bowles — she of the "They can't leave the Bay Area fast enough" headline from 18 months ago — that's clearly been in the hopper for a while, but they were waiting to publish when Boudin was recalled. And while it seems like another one of those personal justifications we see sometimes for why someone had to move out of SF where they need to declare the entire place a "failed city" on their way out the door — and she promulgates the demonstrably false narrative that the homeless are coming "from all over the country in part for the services San Francisco provides" — it's well written nonetheless and a friend or relative is likely to post it on Facebook. [Atlantic]

Photo: Ugi K.

*This post has been updated to show that the Prop A Muni bond still may pass, with more ballots yet to be counted.