This past weekend, the SFMTA honored Muni Heritage Day by offering free rides on some of the city's historically significant (and rarely ridden) buses and trolleys to the delight of droves of public transit nerds — a first since the pandemic began in March of 2020.

Emerging from a two-year hiatus, the SFMTA's first in-person Muni Heritage Day returned Saturday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., honoring the day by bringing out its unique fleet of vintage buses and streetcars for free rides. (There were also various interactive activities and displays for kids and adults alike.) All of the day's free rides began at Steuart Street and Don Chee Way, which is just outside the SF Railway Museum, and shuttled eager Muni riders to and from destinations along certain SF streets.  

Originally organized under a series of events called "Trolly Festivals," Muni Heritage Day has become a staple in SF ever since the inaugural Trolley Festival was held in 1983. At the time, it was also the first time Muni ran a special service using its collection of vintage streetcars, many of which were procured over decades from around the world. Fast forward to the present day, and many of those same old-school public transport vehicles were observed this past weekend carrying throngs of passengers.

Some notable vehicles used in the day’s rides included the ever-popular Boat Tram and Cable Car No. 578 — a.k.a. "Dinky," aptly named because of how small the 1896-built car is compared to the rest of SF's cable cars.

It was also a day fit for indulging in all sorts of "transit nerdery."

"I leaned far harder into transit nerdery at Muni Heritage Day yesterday than I'm usually comfortable with," writes Zach Lipton on Twitter. "And I had a blast!"

In case you missed Saturday's homage to SFMTA's vintage fleet of public transport vehicles, here are some of our favorite images uploaded from the day's festivities on Twitter.

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Photo: Courtesy of Twitter via @ThisIsLesboMaya