A building that housed a longtime gay bar devoted to country music in SF's SoMa District, which was proposed for redevelopment as both a nightclub and a condo building going back a decade, has hit the market again at a reduced price.

Socketsite caught the new listing for the building at 280 7th Street, which was last purchased in 2016 for $4.125 million. Plans were drawn up and approved for a 20-unit condo development in 2019, but it appears the owners now want to cash out. They're selling the fully entitled property for a loss, listing it at $3.25 million.

The SoMa building was once home to a country-western gay bar called Rawhide 2 — the "2" was because there was already a bar called Rawhide in Los Angeles when it opened. The place was infamously used by director Paul Verhoeven in 1991 as a shooting location for the movie Basic Instinct, standing in for one of the San Francisco LGBTQ bars where protagonist Michael Douglas was investigating bisexual murder suspect Sharon Stone.

As the Facebook group Preserving LGBT Historic Sites In Northern California writes, "Many LGBTQ groups objected to the movie's homophobic and misogynistic themes," and, "On April 10, 1991, dozens of members of the Queer Nation sister group Labia picketed in front of Rawhide II because the bar's owner, Ray Chalker, allowed the first scenes of the movie to be filmed there. Protests continued at various filming sites throughout San Francisco — some ending in arrests — until the 'Basic Instinct' film crew left for Los Angeles."

Rawhide 2 lived in the space from 1982 to the early 2000s, when it was sometimes used as a venue for LGBTQ nightclub events and was less popular for its country music. At that point it was being called Club Hide.

As Socketsite previously reported, the owners of The Cafe in the Castro bought the property in 2012 and drew up plans for a new four-story building that would include a nightclub on the lower floors, and two condos up above.

Those plans were scrapped and they sold the building the current owner in 2016.

The property is currently entitled for a six-story building, with a mix of 12 one-bedroom units, six two-bedroom units, and two three-bedroom units, with a retail or restaurant space on the ground floor.

Photo: Google Street View