A 24-year-old alleged thief who police say was keeping storage lockers packed with millions of dollars worth of stolen property that he was selling online is now in the custody of San Jose police.

As the Chronicle reports, Matthew Freudenblum, 24, of Sunnyvale was arrested last week on suspicion of grand theft, burglary, sale of stolen property and illegal weapons possession. Freudenblum, who was already on probation for auto theft and credit card fraud, is suspected of multiple auto burglaries in the South Bay and other thefts. Authorities were reportedly tipped off after a Crime Stoppers tip claimed Freudenblum was selling stolen goods in an online marketplace.

Police were able to get a search warrant for two storage units in Freudenblum's name, and there they say they found stolen medical equipment valued at $1.5 million, stolen music equipment, an iPad stolen from a teacher's car in Palo Alto, and two go-carts stolen in San Mateo County that are worth $50,000 apiece.

Also, there were ghost guns. Police say they found one assault rifle, as well as an assembled weapon without a serial number, and "six ghost gun pistols in various stages of assembly, and one handgun stolen in a Morgan Hill vehicle burglary." And when Freudenblum was arrested, they say they found another ghost gun in his glovebox as well as more items stolen in other another recent burglary.

San Jose police characterize Freudenblum as a "prolific thief," and he's being held in Santa Clara County Jail on $1 million bail.

Anyone with information on these crimes or who thinks they have belongings stolen by Freudenblum should call Detective Potwora #3506 of the San Jose Police Department's burglary unit at 408-277-4401, or reach out by email [email protected].

Photo: Scott Rodgerson