• Apparently, some new local homeowners are now over 20% more on their mortgages than if they would've inked those deals just a few months ago. The online retail company Zillow discovered in its most recent "Market Report" that inventory in available Bay Area housing has dropped considerably since February, as well; Zillow also reports the national average rent increase has grown less than 1% since February. [ABC7/Zillow]
  • With COVID-19 vaccination for children younger than five years old still yet authorized, there's already been a "boom" in homeschooling amongst kids in California this year. [KPIX]
  • But it does, however, appear FDA clearance of COVID-19 vaccines for young children is on the horizon; SF's Golden Gate Pediatrics is gearing up for about 4,000 of their patients, who are between four years old and six months, to receive the shot in coming weeks or months. [ABC7]
  • $4.2M worth of fentanyl was recently seized by East Bay detectives in Oakland and Hayward, according to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. [NBC Bay Area]
  • ICYMI: SF's City Hall glowed green last night in honor of Earth Day. [Twitter]
  • Only 37% of long rivers — those measuring more than 620 miles in length — on the planet remain free-flowing, raising concerns about the lasting environmental impact of large dams, as well as safety concerns about older ones now facing increased pressure from unusually heavy rainfalls in parts of the world. [Mongabay]
  • After announcing early this week that any Ukrainian forces in Mariupol would be "eliminated" if they did not surrender, the Kremlin has reportedly tried to storm a steel plant housing soldiers and civilians in the southern city on Saturday, attempting to completely take the strategic coastal city. [Associated Press]

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/@m_j_charnock