The National Weather Service is forecasting a "roller coaster" of temperature change in the next six days for Northern California, but it starts with some very warm and pleasant weather Wednesday to Friday.

Prepare for a mini April heatwave in the next several days, with Thursday looking to be the hottest day around the Bay — with predictions of likely record-topping temperatures in some spots. The heatwave will especially impact inland parts of California, all up and down the state, with the Central Valley expected to see highs around 97 degrees on Thursday.

San Francisco is likely to see mid-80s on Thursday, and parts of Napa, Sonoma, and the East Bay should see highs in the low 90s.

All that crazy heat is going to be followed by a pretty quick cooldown, though, by next week. At least the weekend will remain warm-ish, but expect some unseasonably chilly temps to hit by Monday, when the National Weather Service is predicting a high of 58 in SF — at least a 20-degree swing from Thursday.

The Apple Weather app has Monday's high at 51 in SF, with a low of 44 and windy conditions predicted. On Tuesday it gets even chillier, with a low of 42, and things get only moderately less cold by mid-week next week.

This week, though, the beach may not be the best idea, at least until Thursday. Through Wednesday night, you should be extremely careful if you're planning to head to the beach, as the NWS is also predicting sneaker waves and rip currents.  They're advising everyone to basically not go near the water or stand on any rocks at the water's edge.

Photo by Serge Bosshard on Unsplash