Some more welcome rain is coming to the Bay Area on Saturday, though rainfall totals will be pretty modest. And you may see some lightning.

A weak weather system moves in to our region Saturday morning, and will bring rain to San Francisco and the whole Bay Area into Saturday afternoon or evening.

The National Weather Service is calling it a quarter of an inch maximum in most places, though ABC 7 suggests some places might see up to half of an inch of rain. Also, expect some gusty winds, with gusts potentially topping 40 mph at the coast.

ABC 7 rates this a "1" on its storm scale, and it doesn't sound like the rain will stick around for long.

Things will stay pretty chilly into Sunday, when there's a sunny day predicted with a high of 59. And then it warms up again, with highs in the high 60s and maybe even up to 70 midweek.

And let's hope that this thunder and lightning is kept to a minimum, given the minimal rain this storm is bringing, and the already dry and crispy conditions developing around the region. We don't need fire season starting just yet.