It's hard to complain too hard about lovely early spring weather in February. But We need more rain in the forecast and only a smidge more is on its way, for now.

An atmospheric river is currently pummeling the Pacific Northwest, and in true La Nina style, we won't be seeing a lot of that rain. The National Weather Service says that the Bay Area should be seeing some of the outer edges of that storm system by mid-week, with the North Bay being the first to get some chances of showers on Wednesday afternoon. By early Thursday, San Francisco and more parts of the Bay have a decent chance of seeing showers as well.

Like this little dribs and drabs that we've seen in the last week or two, this won't be a storm, but some sections of the region might see up to a quarter inch, the NWS says.

"There is the potential for unsettled weather to continue late into the week and potentially into the upcoming weekend,” said NWS forecaster Roger Gass, in comments to Bay Area News Group. “We’re not expecting widespread rainfall but more in the form of rain showers in the colder air mass after the passing of the Thursday system."

Temperatures will drop on Thursday as well, with some lows back in the 30s for some parts of the Bay Area.

And it's looking like another nice weekend ahead for the first week of March, if not super warm, with sunny skies and highs nearing 60 by Sunday.

There is, at least, a good chance for fresh snow in the Sierra, which is sorely needed at this point.

“Overall, this is a relatively weak storm system moving through and the rainfall amounts are going to be as such as well," Gass tells Bay Area News Group.  

And local climatologist and weather guy Daniel Swain suggests that, despite little bits of rain here and there, "there remains pretty strong multi-model ensemble agreement that drier than average conditions will persist over next 2+ weeks into mid-March."

Photo: John Hanusek