A national search for the Exploratorium’s new chief has yielded the former CEO of PBS North Carolina Lindsay Bierman, who digs weightlifting and CBD.

This evening’s installment of the Exploratorium's popular Thursday night cocktails-and-DJ museum night will be After Dark: Sexplorations, featuring sexy talks and exhibits like Sex Lives of Zebrafish, Live Sex Show: Sea Urchin Egg Fertilization, and Gonad A-Go-Go ("Take an inside look at bull testicles, pig ovaries, and other impressively sized organs").

But what the Exploratorium is really swooning over is that they’ve completed their national search for a new executive director. The Chronicle reports that the Exploratorium has announced a new executive director, 56-year-old Lindsay Bierman, most recently a UNC chancellor and CEO of PBS North Carolina

“I think I will spend 110% of my time on fundraising,” Bierman told the Chronicle, in a statement that might not necessarily turn on the zebrafish. “There is nothing more gratifying than aligning philanthropic interests and goals with institutional vision.”

Yet Bierman does have an interesting resume and biography, as seen above with his weightlifting and “CBD at bedtime really helps!” recommendation. The Detroit native has a master’s in architecture, and for the last seven years has served as Chancellor of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and as CEO of PBS North Carolina. He left, however, in part because North Carolina’s same-sex marriage laws have made healthcare benefits difficult for his partner to obtain.

Bierman’s first day on the job is April 15, 2022.

You may want to pop over to the Exploratorium to congratulate them sometime on the new hire. But sorry, the pitch-black but very fun Tactile Dome remains closed over COVID-19 restrictions.

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Image: lindsaybierman via Instagram