• San Jose police received a report at 8:19 p.m. last night that two vehicles were involved in a significant accident at Berryessa Road and Gurney Court that left one driver dead. The other two drivers sustained moderate injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital to have their wounds treated; the death of the yet-named one of the involved cars makes this San Jose's eleventh traffic-related fatality this year. [Chronicle]
  • The Bay Area is forecasted to see a temperature spike next week. San Francisco is expected to observe temperatures regularly in the mid-60s, while more interior parts of the region could see the mercury rise well into the 80s by midweek. [KRON4]
  • Bernal Cutlery in the Mission District remains a one-stop shop for all things knives and exists as a "rabbit hole of sharpening." [Mission Local]
  • The Colorado Fire that's been burning near Big Sur is now 100% contained. [CAL FIRE]
  • A new peer-reviewed study emphasizes what we all should be acutely aware of by now: "aggressively funding interventions" to thwart the next pandemic will be vastly less expensive and save countless more lives than simply reacting to it upon its arrival. [Mongabay]
  • With Olympic athletes testing positive for Covid-19 needing to quarantine, issues have been raised at the state of their self-isolating conditions — which include not "having enough food," no training equipment, and other issues for recovering athletes. [Associated Press]
  • As it turns out, the climate crisis is one of the newest hot topics to come up in therapy sessions as of late; psychologists are now reporting their clients are experiencing a wide range of them suffering from anxiety and grief and sadness over the environmental state of the planet. [NYT]

Photo: Getty Images/dosecreative